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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Summer Must Haves: RayBan ClubMaster's

It's about that time of year again where you can feel summer slowly but surely approaching and with the heat rolling in and the clouds disappearing I get the feeling I need to pack away the winter wardrobe and start unpacking my summer outfits and accessories.

Tonight's post is all about my new favourite accessory: RayBan ClubMaster's in 51mm with Rose Gold and Black detailing

  Everyone who knows me is aware I love black and rose gold, pairing them up together makes me giddy and happy for all the right reasons. Although I consider myself an extremely organised person with a penchant for keeping expensive things safe I always seem to lose one thing...Sunglasses!

These aren't my first pair of RayBans, years ago I purchased a second hand vintage pair of RayBan Aviators in all gold that are from the previous owners of the RayBan brand Bausch & Lomb and they will always be my favourite classic sunglasses that are still going strong. Club Master's are effortlessly stylish this season with a range of two sizes, 49mm and 51mm.

These are immaculately designed, very chic and come in colours such as matte black and tortoise. I love the retro feel these sunglasses have, they are perfect for on the go and can be matched with any summer outfit imaginable. 

I honestly couldn't be happier with them and they are now set safely in my bag just waiting for that sun to come out in Melbourne!

Retail Price $239.95 (Australia)

II RayBan II

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