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Thursday, 6 November 2014

HM x Alexander Wang

I've been waiting for this collection to drop, for me this was a dream collaboration between one of my favourite designers Alexander Wang and a key affordable clothing company such as H&M.

The collection was thought out well with a trendsetting accumulation of pieces inspired by sports wear and a simple white, grey and black colour palette. Not everything in this collection was for me but I had my eye on a few pieces which I was lucky enough to grab in my 10 minute shopping time frame.

With rumours swirling all over Instagram and Twitter on wednesday night of people already lining up at the Melbourne H&M store I was a little worried. Rocking up at 6.30am I soon realised just how many people in Melbourne were just as excited as I was about this collaboration.
Lines went around the whole block with everyone being tagged with a colour coded wrist band for the time they were allowed to enter he cornered off section with the pieces available. Myself and a friend headed off for a walk around the streets in search of a little cafe to have breakfast whilst we waited for our time slot.

When we finally got to enter the store at 10.30am everything had almost sold out with key pieces like the menswear and the 'WANG' sweatshirt sold out hours before we even got into the store. Whilst writing this post up I found through Vogue Online that the entire women's and men wear collections have now completely sold out and will not be restocked at any of the stores in Australia. For anyone that was hoping to pick something up in the coming days you may want to try your luck on eBay or hope for the best that people may have returned the purchases in the off chance they don't fit or they don't like the design.

This was a fantastic experience and I look forward to H&M's next annual designer collaboration.

Perforated pattern bikini set $69.95, Logo print bustier $39.95, Knee high 'WANG' socks $19.95, Boxing glove king ring $14.95

To see what my wish list from this collection was: click here!

The Runway
Alexander Wang x HM

*photo from Eric Wilson for

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