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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Milk and Co

This summer is becoming all about skincare and looking after your well being.
 Milk and Co has become quite well known in the beauty blogging community and its always a proud moment when you realise that it was all started by Australia's very own Michael and Lindy Klim.

Beauty Wipes - Great little double sided wipes that I frequently use when in a hurry. 
One side has micro exfoliating beads and the other a cleanser. Super gentle on the skin to give you a fresh thorough clean, I found these worked great for taking on the run and those unexpected nights where you stay at a friends place.

Rejuvenating Mask - My favourite of the whole range is this product, super gentle on the skin, all over clay mask that cleans whilst removing any dry flaky areas. 
I use this almost fortnightly now to help relax and rejuvenate my tired and overworked skin.

Face Cleanser - Light foaming cleanser, great for removing any makeup that the wipes didn't remove. Another gentle formula filled with goji extract and ylang ylang oil. Although this is not as thick as I would usually like and the packaging can make it a little difficult to get the product out without it spilling the end result is fantastic.

Ultra Light Moisturiser - My skin seems to be touch and go with moisturisers as of late, it either reacts well and I can feel it sinking in and hydrating my face or I get itchy and end up  looking like I am blushing red. This was surprisingly nice, gentle on the skin and sunk in well. Very refreshing!

Products available at selected supermarkets and pharmacy' product from this brand I look forward to trying is the coconut kiss lip moisturiser. 

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