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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Post Melbourne Cup Pamper Session

Melbourne cup this year for me was amazing!
 I enjoyed relaxing with friends and  having a drink for old times sake. But now its the 'day after' and I'm lacking in energy. I look and feel tired and here are my ultimate pamper essentials to get you relaxed before the busy midweek starts up again.

Clova Himayayan Pink Salt and Coconut body scrub + Sweet Vanilla Body Yogurt, feels so luxe using a delicious smelling body scrub! Finishing it off with the body yogurt instead of moisturiser leaves my skin feeling refreshed and incredibly relaxed.

Milk Rejuvinating Face Mask, I've reviewed this before and it remains a favourite. Tightens on the skin after a few minutes and when removed leaves my face looking refreshed.

Kerastase 'Maskeratine', another I've previously reviewed and loving!
this is relaxing and for a pamper day sitting in a bath, a hair mask is recommended and helps restore all the that dry hair from the nasty hairspray used the day before.

Lush Bath Bombs, no need for me to elaborate on these. They are amazing, relaxing and somewhat refreshing. Today I decided to use 'Tisty Toasty' and the fragrance was stunning.

OPI 'Bubble Bath' nail polish, its all in the name and fits my pamper sesh to a T!
Light pink shade for spring.

and last but not least my favourites, a glass of champagne and some fresh strawberries (can't forget those two)!

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