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Thursday, 13 November 2014


Last night I got to treat my senses to the most exquisite aromas. 

I was pretty chuffed when I received an invite to T2's tea festival and I got to take a little look inside their head quarters in Collingwood. I had read about this building and how the architecture had been developed to give an inviting and somewhat mysterious place. Beautiful high beams and brick walls within a building that showed T2's amazing taste in sleek but historical architecture.
Walking into the T2 HQ I was met with a cold tea and vodka mixture in a tiny little beaker glass that started the event off on a high note. 

With selections of various teas from Melbourne Breakfast to nutty teas called Oolong, it was an amazing experience and I thoroughly enjoyed trying out the new summer range. 
Bartenders on hand I made sure to take a few snaps (of course) before digging in and trying every tea in sight! 

A big thankyou to T2 and Black Communications Pr for inviting me along to this event!
Now I'm off to take a sip of my vanilla and cinnamon mix that I created myself from the T2s little DIY bar.......yum!

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