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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

When the word 'gold' becomes all about hair

Let's face it, Keratin and hair oils scare me. But for the sake of any beauty post I must take the step and experiment.
It can go both ways, it will either transform your hair into soft, shiny and luscious locks or it can completely ruin the hair to the point where it feels greasy, unmanageable and a complete disaster.

My latest trial was with the Goldwell Kerasilk Collection.
I've tried and loved quite a few Goldwell products (see here)  and I'm happy its a brand that my hairdresser was using for years with me slightly and ignorantly ignoring her when she told me to try it at home.

The Kerasilk Collection uses silk proteins and panthenol to help tame dry and damaged hair. The shampoo was easy to use, much like any other shampoo on the salon only market I found this to be super easy to clean the hair and scrub the scalp. Washed through well and rinsed out quickly. Next step would usually be a conditioner of some sort, for this I used the Ultra Rich Daily Intense Mask. Using a small amount I distributed it throughout my towel dried hair and left it to do its thing for around 8 minutes. Afterwards I went through and rinsed it out and you could feel how soft my hair was whilst washing out the product. 
Next step I had two options, either use the Kerasilk Hair Oil or use the Elixar Oil. Both I tried on separate days and for a non hairstylist professional like myself but also someone that has tried a ridiculous amount of various hair oils, I couldn't tell them apart or fault them for that matter.
The Kersilk Oil I applied sparingly and used my detangling brush to distribute the oil through every strand of my hair. I left this overnight to dry naturally and by the morning my hair was soft, lightweight and easy to style before running off for work. 
The Elixir Oil did mostly the same, with a mixture of Argan and Tamanu oils I was pleasantly surprised with the how it turned out. This one was a little thicker, I used a little less this time by rubbing it into the ends of my hair which seems to be the most damaged at this point. Leaving to soak in over night and dry naturally it created a beautiful shine, non greasy feeling and made the hair feel super soft and ready for styling.

Goldwell has become one of those brands for me where I repurchase almost all of the products I am set up to try. I adore the 60 second hair treatment and haven't been able to stop recommending it to friends and family. Use the links below to take a look at the Goldwell stockists and where these products are located. 

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