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Friday, 12 December 2014

Beauty Edit: YSL Shocking Mascara

I am very particular about which mascara's I use.
I like my lashes looking extended, thick and flirty which doesn't always happen when I purchase something new.
False lashes I tend to use on special occasions or nights out, they aren't something I can be bothered applying daily to get that dramatic effect I love.
I am lucky though, my lashes already have some length but I still go through the same troubles as everyone else when searching for a new mascara.

My latest purchase was the YSL Shocking Mascara: The packaging is what got me on the first instance. YSL always uses the same gold details and this is what makes it such a luxe product to own.
The product is thick and borderline clumpy but workable, i found it easier to utilise by starting in the inner corners and working my way round the lashes. Gives a great dramatic effect and once dry I use my finger to slightly part the lashes a little more.
If you have really short thin lashes this preferably wouldn't be an option for you. 
With such a thick product it can cause the lashes to look nicely extended but overly clumpy. For me this mascara works wonders in giving an everyday dramatic 'shocking' effect (pun intended).

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