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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Lost Curiosities: Shop Nomadic

Bag and accessory extraordinaire is what I'd call Hannah from Nomadic.
It's one of my favorite discoveries from Instagram that I've found through 2014.
Down the pokey alleyway and up a flight of painted white stairs I managed to find my way into Lost Curiosities pop up shop and the first thing I spotted when entering the room was a favorite label of mine. 
Here's a preview of the current collection available online that is sure to impress.

I can't recommend enough the wallets and LBB (Little Black Book), great leather pieces with mine featured in many of my photo's on Instagram.
The book has been a lifesaver throughout the year for notes and is definitely my favorite thing I've purchased so far.

Keep a look out as there is many more things to come! 

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