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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Beauty Edit: Skin Refreshers

Jurlique is a luxury brand that  refines what it is to keep your skin at its best with minimal but easy to use products. 

I love that alot of brands are jumping on board the cruelty free train, it's definitely a good selling point to also know that a brand such as Jurlique only utilise the finest natural ingredients grown in South Australia.

Jurlique Rose Water Mist - I am an avid user of face mists, I have one in my bag, on my desk at work and home at all times. When your feeling tired and hit that 2pm mark a quick spray of this will get you going again. The product itself is a daily hydrating mist and toner for after you cleanse away your daily makeup or if your feeling your skin is tired and needs a little pick me up throughout the day. 
I'm incredibly happy that they have created an easy to use bottle with a spray applicator that doesn't leave you soaked. 

Not overly scented which is a benefit to anyone with overly sensitive skin, easy to use product with benefits such as marshmallow glycerin to help prevent moisture loss and leave the skin soft and hydrated. Rose and aloe vera to soften the skin is an added bonus. For anyone out there prone to eczema just like myself, aloe vera is a proven force to help soothe the itchy painful skin. 

Moisture Replenishing Mask - From out of all facial masks I have tried and tested since starting this blog there hasn't been one (and I mean literally) that I've continued to use past my scheduled testing time frame.
This on the other hand will most likely be a repurchase.
Masks are great for the skin to really get into the pores and clean out any product that has built up over time. Masks are touch and go for my skin, some I've tried give off a stinging sensation when first applied, others do absolutely nothing and become regrettable purchases. 

This however was gentle, a quick 10 minute mask twice a week left the skin feeling revitalised, smooth and hydrated.
Better recommended for dry skin as ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and Primrose Oils help to counteract and repair dryness. 

This is an affordable alternative to those expensive clay masks you can get at boutiques with the added benefit of being a quick 10minute treatment. 

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