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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Beauty Edit: Tanning Tips

Summer is now officially over but that doesn't mean you have to go without a beautiful tan for the some what half nice days where you still wander around with shorts and a t-shirt.

Today's tips for a perfect streak-free tan using three products that are 100% necessary to keep in your cupboard.

Models Prefer Dark Tanning Mousse: A great alternative for a quick tan (instant), easily blendable on the skin and I more or less recommend this for already darker complexions. If you have very fair skin this particular colour will be far too dark and you may want to search for something lighter.
Easily glides onto the skin giving an even tan that lasts upwards of two days before I either need to reapply or remove.
I mostly turn to this when it gets to a saturday and I need a quick tan before heading out.

Tanning Mitt: You will never not hear me recommend using one of these, if you want a perfect even tan then buy one. Go for brands such as the Model Co or Bondi Sands mitts as I have found these last longer and don't tear after a few uses.
Massage the tan evenly onto the skin using the mitt to get the best results.

Body Blendz 'Sugar Daddy' Scrub: I am obsessed with my body scrubs, I love my coffee ones and this is another brand I've begun to love.
Great for a pre-tan pamper to remove any dry skin and smooth it out for an even base.
Filled with raw sugar and arabica beans that are crushed together to exfoliate the skin and make it incredibly smooth.

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