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Thursday, 26 March 2015


My home is my little paradise where I can sit back and reflect on everything I've done and will be doing. I have certain items that make my home worth coming back to and those always include delicate scented candles.

You may have seen me previously talk about my love for these candles and now the creator  (Paulina) is back with a new line of candles to evoke a calm, serene mood.

My current scent of choice is 'Coconut Lime Sorbet' and its incredibly delicious and perfect for the days that I am set on pumping out a ton of work.
These candles end up lasting me such a long time that it's very much worth the investment and never cease to disappoint me.

Pre-orders for the new to come 'Carpe Diem' candles in Coconut Lime Sorbet will be available shortly via Valencia Bath Treats and new scents will be added to this line in the near future.

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