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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Beauty Edit: Current Bronzers

Many things make for a good bronzer.
The consistency of the powder, the colour match and your preferred choice of matte over shimmer.

My personal preferences on finding the perfect colour for your skin is to always find something 1-2 shades darker then your normal skin tone.
With a multitude of different shades given the different tanning I do, it can be very easy to confuse people.

Currently the most used for everyday wear are Paulas Choice custom colour blend (matte) , it goes on incredibly smoothly and has been the perfect choice for my long work hours as the longevity is around 6+ hours without patchy fading.

My preferred second choice is Too Faced chocolate soleil bronzer, a fan favorite among many this is my go to bronzer when I am dressing up and heading out. The colour match for my skin is beyond perfect, longevity is great especially when you're in those overheated clubs and my contour looks just the way it did when I left home. I've hit pan now and need to purchase another. 

Now let's get to the tricky part, your contouring brush.
There are many good brushes for bronzing and it solely depends on the person and how they like to apply their bronzer but my favorite brush purchased last year was the Nars Ita Brush. 
The bristles and shape of this particular brush are perfect for getting into the contours of your face and layering your bronzer. I won't recommend dupes as I've found none that I have tried have outlasted the Ita in both strength and consistency.

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  1. Oh wow I had no idea Paulas Choice did such good makeup too! x