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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Beauty Edit: Online Shopping

Online Shopping.....Two favorite words that I try and put out of my mind daily.
But occasionally you come across something new and exciting with prices so close to being unbelievable that you have to try them, bring in BonjourHK Cosmetics.

A huge online store filled with everything from well known cosmetics such as Lancome to little more unknown Asian brands that are worth a try.

This time around I got my hands on a few new things that I'm excited to test out especially given that Shiseido is already such a prominent brand on the market.

Dr.Bauer x Pobling-Pore Sonic Cleanser (Gold)

Shiseido Sensitive Calming Toner
Shiseido Eyeliner
3 Concept Eyes Lip Lacquer #Disco
3 Concept Eyes Face Blush (Cotton Candy) 
3 Concept Eyes Glam Cream Shadow # Golden Nude
Banila Co The Blacks Hydrogel Eye Patch (Black Currant)
FLORMAR  Color Palette Eye Shadow #07 Nude Dudes
Banila Co Mask Sheet-Moisturising

Give it a go, take a look at their website and let me know if you pick anything up.
You definitely can't pass up such good prices and speedy delivery.

Posts for each of these products are coming up so keep your eyes open.

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