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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Beauty: Three Items to get you from work appropriate to evening

Throw back to my post introducing an overseas online store called Bonjour Cosmetics that provide so many amazing asian brands at a fraction of the cost in Australia.

Bringing it forward a month and with testing now complete I would like to introduce three new products that I have been getting plenty of use with lately.

Flormar Eye Shadow Palette - Super creamy shadows packed into a small palette to take on the run. Darker shades are so much easier to utilise on my skin (not a fan of brights). Great pigmentation and perfect to create a soft nude look during the day and applying the last shade on the right to create a darker look for the evening.

3 Concept Eyes Blush 'Cotton Candy' - Blushes are touch in go for me, lately I've become quite selective and have been opting for darker shades to show the definition of my cheek bones. Although this isn't a shade I'd pick for myself it creates a subtle sheen of pink across my cheeks.

3 Concept Eyes Lip Lacquer 'Disco' - Interesting colour, if your into bright pinks then this is a shade for you. Light skinned girls wear pinks naturally and perfectly with almost anything. Quite a thick consistency and fairly sticky when first applying but leaves a good layer on your lips that lasts even after eating.

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