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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Home: Desk Essentials

When working from a home office whether its your day job or evening work load I find I need to have certain things surrounding me to keep my imagination a float.
These are the basic necessities I keep at my desk to get my mind working overtime, inspiration or the normal things I must have in front of me.


iMac by Apple
Planner by An Organised Life
Coffee by Toby's Estate
Spritzer by Sofi Spritz - weekend treat
Perfumes by Marc Jacobs and Chanel
Ring Holder by Sports Girl
Vase by Kikki K


I am scented candle obsessed, always have one lit whilst working and my current favorite is Glass House Limited Edition La Maison 6. Citrus-y  and delicious, the jar is quite a thing of beauty. These limited edition releases are well worth it for the candle lover out there.

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