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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Truffles Patisserie

We are such a fortunate city in that we have such a wide range of coffee and cake nooks surrounding us. I was literally salivating whilst taking every single photo for this.

On the corner of Carlisle and Chapel Street in the heart of the busy St Kilda road ways lies a new little french patisserie that bakes the most luscious treats each day called Truffles Patisserie

No need for me to go into too many details, these photo's speak for themselves.
But if you're are a true fan of great coffee, a treat or two, concrete floors and marble tables then stop by this place. Say hello to owner and head chef Jarek and enjoy your surroundings, if you spot me in there sipping away at coffee then pop by and say hello.


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    1. It's wonderful, great little coffee nook!


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  3. Omg Tarlie! These photos look so amazing, dem skils gurl and wow this place looks absolutely delicious x

    Katina |

    1. Thanks Kat

      It was so hard resisting the urge to eat all the pastries haha.

      was wonderful, you should definitely pop in there.