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Monday, 14 September 2015

Arm Candy

I am a true minimalist when it comes to my selections of jewellery, I can’t fathom stacking on 5-6 bracelets and a hand full of rings. I personally don’t think it suits my style, but every now and then I enjoy snazzing up my basic outfit with a single piece of jewellery that’s eye catching.

My selections from The Peach Box vary, they have so many different and beautifully designed pieces that it’s hard to only ever purchase one. 

Featured in this post are my favourite new selections being the black matte T-Bar bracelet and silver nail ring
Articulately simple and both compliment any outfit they are paired with.

So now that you have spotted my current wearable favourites its now your turn to have the chance to own and wear these yourself, a big thankyou to The Peach Box for supplying these for a giveaway.

Take a look at my Instagram for all the details.


  1. Oh my that bracelet is so gorgeous! I was tossing up between matte black or some of the other looks and wow I think you have persuaded me hahah x

    Katina |

    1. Thanks Kat

      There's actually a few I now want but I am doing my best to hold off for now!