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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Part II: Mykel G

Assuming you may have read Part 1 of Mykel G : here
You would have noticed my flair for men’s fashion and my attempt to join in on the fascinating world of blogging alongside Tarlie.

Thankfully she has a fully functioning camera and knows how to take a great shot!

For a realistic approach to the men’s side of streetwear that is presumably very different to the normal Twice TK posts featured on this web site I figured a little more of an in depth write up was due and ready.

In all honesty men’s fashion is just as complex as women’s but without the wait time of getting ready.
Men can shop just as hard as women, I’ve always been the guy sitting and playing on my phone whilst waiting for my girlfriend to try and buy at stores.

Although complex it is a little easier for us to choose what we like, I keep it simple just as Tarlie does.
I like to add the additional colour to my wardrobe if something catches my eye but raw street wear is where it’s at for me.

Some of my favorite stores to visit are in this post and undeniably they have become very present  on social media with us blokes diving into this blogging business alongside our partners or often alone.

Featured outfits

Black Pants by Neverland Store
Grid Jumper by Factorie
Denim Pants by CottonOn Men
Khaki Flight Pants by CottonOn Men

Black Hood by Neverland Store 

Keep an eye out as there is more to come.....

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