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Monday, 2 November 2015

Sephora Files

Brand exclusivity is difficult in Australia but (previously known as Luxola) has now changed up how we shop online to bring you the exclusive range available shipped straight to your door.

It's been a nagging feeling that Sephora has taken it's sweet time to come to Australia which now has a store in Sydney and will be opening another at Melbourne GPO in December.
Before then though jump on board take a look at the range available on Luxola.
But for those people who'd prefer to avoid those line ups and enjoy the convenience of online shopping this is the easiest way to go.

With great prices and speedy shipping its definitely worth it.

Featured in this post
Sephora Large Powder Brush
Matte Sun Powder in Caledonia
Eau De Toilette in Peony

Range available here

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  1. When I found out that Luxola was stocking Sephora I was so excited! I still haven't bought anything yet, because I want to make sure I choose the perfect things... Although the Sephora lip creams are definitely in my basket!

    Beth. x

    Sometimes The Stars