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Monday, 5 October 2015

Skincare Regime

Here we go....the transition from winter to summer.
This can take a toll on your skin in many ways but if you've done your best to keep your skin moisturized throughout the colder months its not time to keep it up, scrub, cleanse and moisturize.

My latest skincare favorites are kept very basic, with Skinstitut they cater directly to my skins needs so there is no fussing around wandering through stores and sampling various products to find my perfect fit.
For the mornings I use the Moisture Defense moisturizer. 
Its light and washes over the skin gently before my daily makeup application and keeps any dryness as bay.

I do however use another separate moisturizer with a thicker consistency for over night, Philosophy's  Renewed Hope in a Jar. The formula works well for my skins needs with three forms of AHA. Great for combination skin but as there is still a lingering scent to the product, if you have sensitive skin then it's best to leave this product on the shelf and look for something else.

Lastly, I switch between two very different exfoliators which I use three times a week for completely different purposes. I found the Skinstitut Micro Peel is a fabulous addition to my weekly routine as it removes all the makeup my cleanser can't remove. I use this twice throughout the week in the morning before moisturizer.
Second is my new wonder exfoliator that I have become utterly obsessed with by Appelles.  Used now every Sunday night to prep my skin for the week.
I've previously reviewed this here!

Also featured is Thankyou Group Body Lotion, perfect for after shower application with a slight fruity scent. 

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