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Wednesday, 11 November 2015


The best kind girls day is at home, a few sneaky drink mixes, popcorn and pampering.
Testing out the Opallac Gel Nail system was alot of fun to play around with.
Gel nail application is just as easy and as quick as painting your nails with regular polish.
But the difference is incredible, not only does it look great once applied and dried but it also lasts upwards of two weeks without chipping.

What to do:
1. Shape and file nail 
2. Wash hands then give the nail a light buff
3. Apply a thin layer of the UV base and put hand under the UV light for 90seconds
4. Apply first thin coat of colour then place back under the UV light for 30 seconds
5. Apply second coat and do the same
6. Place thin layer of top coat on and place hand back under the UV light for 90seconds
7. Wipe sticky residue from nail using Opallac Shine Top Wipe and you all done!

The kit shown in this post is great for a first timer to practice with and Opallac have a range of colours to choose from so be sure to check them out.

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