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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Salt and Pepper

Dinner parties for me are the most enjoyable thing in summer.
The laughter, friends, chatter and delicious food.

Working alongside Salt and Pepper Home as a renown company for some of the best homewares in Australia. At one stage you would have had at least one of their pieces in your cupboards.
I remember my mum having some of their quirky salt and pepper shakers when I was little.

Today's lunch time menu consisted of an all vegan meal for some close friends and I'm here to share the menu with you.

Vegan mushroom and cream pasta served on Salt and Peppers Cumulus Dinner Set and using the most gorgeous gold cutlery set called 'Host
whilst drinking it all down with a stunning new concoction of premixed Skyy Vodka Fused homestyle lemonade with a splash of bitters and cucumber and mint 

For desert I created my own concoction utilising Skyy Vodka, Weiss lemon and lime sorbet, pinch of lemonade with fresh mint and slices of lime.....and lets just say these became the favourite of the night for their summer fresh feeling with a hit of vodka throughout!