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Monday, 8 August 2016

Signature Scent?

I read something fascinating quite awhile ago from the lovely Sarah at Harper and Harley where she wondered 'should we all have a signature scent'?

It made me think, should I? Or is my love for searching out the perfect perfume after my previous favourite had run on empty become an un-required chore?

I wear perfume every day (this isn't even remotely a joke). Its in my routine to wake up, shower and refresh, dress myself in the days clothing then place a small dose of my current perfume on the nibs of my palms and neck. 
Forgetting to apply perfume almost scares me in the same aspect as if I left home without my tiffany ring from my B2....It just can't happen!

I allow myself to always only have three perfumes on my vanity, never more otherwise it would be wasted.

So now that my old favourite (Si) has sadly been used to the limit it was time for a new scent.

I sat there for almost 30 minutes in Myer going back and forth between this and the classic Narciso perfume in the white bottle....the intense woodiness mixed with a slight hit of peony won this out for me and I don't regret my decision.