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Monday, 19 September 2016

Dine with me

For a person who loves to eat I'll be 100% honest....during the week I can't be bothered cooking and I have a perfectly logical reason for my laziness. 
With myself being 36 weeks pregnant and cooking away (pun intended) I haven't been able to find time nor the energy to create any fabulous foods for myself and my partner. We both work full time jobs with me also filling in the rest of my hours with this blog and photoshoot work I am always limited on time.
I recently tried a few items from the Dineamic menu that I fell in love with and wanted to share. 
The beetroot risotto ended up being my favourite and I sadly missed getting any nice snap shots of this before I devoured it....but none the less I managed to get a shot of these two and instantly once the camera was put away my partner dived in and ate the licked the bowls clean which is always a good sign.

My recommendation from their range: Kale and spinach soup and beetroot risotto!