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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Rejuvenate your cupboards

Skincare. Even the word can freak me out whenever I hear it.
Its been awhile since I shared which are my favorites and what I am using morning to night each day. Once baby is here (approx. 3 weeks) I'll have more time to be at home and not have to worry about the layers of makeup I end up applying just for the office. 
But with work finally winding down I'll have less time for makeup and more time spent on organizing baby things.

Simple Face Wipes // A favorite for awhile now. I use to love using miceller water on its own but I found it time consuming enough to stop and find an alternative. I have incredibly sensitive skin so these wipes cause no side effects and remove enough of my makeup to make me feel nice and clean. (I always wash my face after using these for makeup removal)

Clinique Moisture Surge Range // I do receive a ton of skincare and some when tested I love and some not so much, hense why I would never recommend them on any of my socials.
It's been awhile since I used any Clinique products but fell deeply for the moisturizing cream and mask from this collection. The mask is used once every three days and the moisturizer each day after my morning and night wash and its been amazing for my winter skin. Bare in mind I have bouts of eczema (always have) but this range has proven to me on keeping my eczema and dry skin at bay throughout the colder/dryer months. The face spray is great to keep on your desk at work when you need a refresh. I use this multiple times a day at work.

Jurlique Water Essence // As per above this one is used twice a day straight after my moisturizer application. I cannot recommend these enough. 
I know alot of people may think these sprays are an added cost to your shopping cart and aren't that amazing but ever since purchasing my first one around two years ago I have not been able to cease using them. They're fab to keep on your desk and in your bathroom, when you feel tired one spray can give you a little lift and make you feel re-energized in so many ways. I'm an avid follower of Jurlique and have been for many years now and this is another of my favorites from their recent releases.