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Monday, 17 October 2016

Du Zen

Take someone whom loves simple designs in all things (like me) and offer a beautiful mini cross body and of course I wouldn't turn it down!

This little guy is incredibly deceiving when compared to most mini cross body bags with how much it holds.
Super simple design with gold hardware that stands out in a crowd. I'll never fully understand what it is about bags that fascinates so many of us. Our opinions all differentiate and to an extent many could probably ask me 'why do you need that bag'. 
My answer is always the same......I may not 100% need it but want it... so here's another added to my small collection of cross body bags that are summer/spring appropriate with plenty of space for everything I need to run around with.
Now, I maybe eyeing another from Du Zen's collection with the Fendi inspired Compadre clutch.