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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Mister Fly

Things seem  to be speeding up so fast I don't know which way to turn!
with that being said I have thoroughly enjoyed prepping my soon to be little ones bedroom with all the adorable decor available.
Instagram's influence over this area is prominent and you can certainly tell which type of stores have become my favourites in buying decor.
One of my favourites today though (other products will be shown when I actually finish off this room) is this gorgeous Mister Fly Reversible Playmat. Its one of those items that I am not sure is 100% necessary but I'll soon find out and rather then having my little one roll around on the carpet I love how soft this is and how super easy it will be to pull out of the draw for downtime/playtime.

I have seen quite a few of these available in assorted colours, shapes and designs but knowing me I was easily taken with this due to the simplicity yet durability. 
I also love supporting local designers and makers of these homewares and will always gush about the products over the more readily available items from bigger chain stores.

The rest of the room though...for still waiting for the final touches and I look forward to sharing more once its compete.

Until then, for all my mummas that are already or to be....jump on and take a look at Mister Fly and note down items for your christmas list!