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Friday, 14 October 2016

The Gucci slipper alternative

Gucci...The never-ending 'want/but do I need' obsession I have with the Gucci Slipper at the moment is honestly concerning.
I even sit their and often drool over seeing the shoe on many bloggers world wide but as I enter the online store to make that purchase my eyes spot the price tag and I instantly close the tab.

So as an alternative I found something that looks almost identical and lets me atleast 'try' before I buy.
In this case I spotted (what has a funny name of Betts Blue) whilst scrolling through Instagram and couldn't pass up the very cosy $69.99 price tag.

I'm still getting my feel for these, I instantly loved the look and its taking me some getting used to in regards to a leather slipper like this but so very much good.

So Gucci next? After finding my so called feet with these Betts, I might just make that investment into the high end zone.