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Friday, 2 December 2016

Blurred in blush

Blush Pink - this years most riveting colour that I watched go from bed linen, to velvet furniture, to slip on shoes and now bags and accessories.

It's one of those colours that although my instinct always goes straight for my original black and white, blush has seemed to jump out at me and sway me away from what I am used to.

Something about the hue of a simple colour to add into a somewhat minimalistic approach to everything else around me. 

Oh and how I love it!

My favourite thing to accumulate is bags, I buy - then sell mine continuously but i can be adamant that this one will be in my closet for quite some time.
It's versatile interior is so spacious and fantastic for the days I'm going from mumma bear at home with spare bottles and nappies to running out with my camera and equipment for work.
It fits everything, almost like a black hole...its how i can best describe it.
A black hole that every person needs when you can't possibly leave the house with all your bits and pieces.

The Cabas available by ElleMe

Model Imogen