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Friday, 9 December 2016


It's an occupational hazard for me to run out of anything in my house.
I can be obsessively clean (ask anyone I know!)

There are a few things I can't live without, being my handbags, iPhone and soap....yes soap you heard right.

But with all the cleaning every two minutes and whilst we're talking about hygiene lets make it clear that just because its not everyones favourite subject it doesn't mean you can't buy products that look and smell more like a holiday rather then a cleaning product of sorts.

If you are just as crazy as me about the types of products then I suggest looking at the above for your next purchase. Glasshouse has been a product of reliability for years and is well known for everything from candles to hand creams and now hand soap with the most delicious fragrance to pick up your mood and make you think you're on vacation.
My two favourites are Rio De Janeiro and Bora Bora.