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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

let the bells ring

I woke up this morning with my partner turning to me asking "have you got all the gifts sorted"?

5 days til that christmas deadline and I couldn't believe it! I am however completely sorted for this year.
As much as I love the mall, its not ideal heading in when its peak christmas shopping traffic with a new born in tow so this year pretty much everything was ordered online with only a few selections bought instore.

A few favourites though I had to head in store for and Chadstone has become my go to destination. I love the renovations and decorations they come up with each year, it definitely gets you into the christmas spirit especially with this years Tiffany's tree.

A mix of low end and high end favourites: Gucci Soho Disco, Chanel Les Beiges, Chanel Le Blanc, Clinic Aromatics PerfumesMurkani Jewellery, Glasshouse Christmas Candle, C Lab and Co Body Scrub