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Thursday, 9 February 2017


As of late I have been completely obsessed with capsule wardrobes.
With the idea of cleaning out and only investing in key pieces that can be worn continuously, a wardrobe you can take care of really well and not have to worry about trending items that come in and then lose all relevance after a short period.

I'm being mindful of course that yes I am a blogger and street style fashion photographer and with that comes some decent perks when it comes to being gifted products from brands.
Sometimes I keep the products (I mean who wouldn't) but then a lot of the time I move those items along and pass them onto friends and family to enjoy them. 
They go to homes that will adore them far more then I could ever do with the amount of products that roll in. With saying that I have been on the look out for key pieces to put in my wardrobe such as really classic work wear pieces. Simple and elegant silhouettes that I can wear with just about everything.

Clemence the Label is what I've bene able to indulge myself in for my third key piece in my closet, besides a neatly cut pair of dress pants I find in the Autumn to Winter period a nice light pair of culottes can work wonders to elevate any outfit. I fell in love with the fit and feel of these on my hips.
Something I plan to utilise with some of my COS store blouses or even a nice fitted Zara tank top.

It's staples like these that I feel everyone needs in their closet to transform it from 'trend' only to a serious capsule collection!

(Jewellery pieces provided by Pandora)