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Friday, 3 February 2017


I love - like any other Melbournian - my coffee, well thats a lie because I previously only drank tea but given my lifestyle is so much like many others and seems to be consumed with schedules that never end and add on a new born to that schedule then coffee has again become the thing that gets me going in the morning.

I dont often post about places I go to mull over my computer and sit to eat or enjoy a hot drink.
But honestly sometimes you just have to share in the delight of finding a place that almost exactly replicates what you have in mind when needing something naughty to eat (ahmmm burgers and fries) or even something healthy!

I originally went to Penta's Elsternwick after being invited by them through Instagram, this isn't the first invitation I have had and it probably won't be the last but I had to share a few snaps from the day as in my honest opinion and being a mum/blogger sometimes people need to see that you genuinely love something you are posting about.