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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The woven

In my home there's a rule, if it doesn't match and immediately and seamlessly intwine itself with current furniture then it cannot stay.

I'm on the mini makeover front, learning my way through buying less of everything and more of whats needed but also being aesthetically pleasing.

My latest acquisition, a new desk chair!
I purchased a gorgeous light wood desk about a month ago now and sold off the old for pittance.
Everything needed an update, god knows I love my Ikea items but it was time for a more grown up approach and I am forever in love minimalistic scandi homes that showcase a mixture of beautifully crafted furniture. I think of it as art.....a home made craft of sorts.

I picked this item up on a whim, I had actually been searching and 'pinning' things for weeks until I just so happened to stop in at DFO Moorabbin and spot this standing in the window of Provincial Home Living
With its dark black frame and woven seat I didn't hesitate to buy it on the spot...honestly its the best 'on a whim' purchase I have bought in a very long time.

Too many chairs I've sat on over the years that may look pleasing to the eye but are deceiving on the bottom and can be uncomfortable after 10 or so minutes.

Its such an appealing piece to my eyes and I am yet to fault it.