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Friday, 14 April 2017


How time flies, I mean people continuously tell me once you have a baby they grow so fast and I inadvertently looked at those that said that and replied 'yeh yeh I know'.
But time does disappear...5 months Mays is now. I'm back working my basically 24/7 job and I've missed the city, its my home away from home and I love that I'm back.
It's Easter already and myself and my little family are packing for a weekend in Daylesford. 

With the upcoming weekend travel in mind I finally picked up a new carry on suitcase, for years I've been toting around oversized and uncomfortable fabric bags that frankly haven't lasted that long but have gone with me to many a destination. 

I had of course a million suggestions on brands until I laid my eyes on this the black exterior (of course) and the internal charger.
For anyone that doesn't know I flew to QLD last year and got  stuck at the airport for a delay of 7 toddler in tow at that time. Having a portable charger saved my life and my well as a few lattes in the airport lounge!

To save the fight on who got to use the charger cable in the car on the way to Daylesford I happily took it off and instead plugged my own into the suitcase and off we went, no arguments (fantastic)

So in short, Daylesford was beautiful and I loved keeping that holiday to myself and my family, no social media for the whole weekend was just an added bonus. It's nice to just sit up and log off every now and then.

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