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Monday, 26 June 2017

Uninspired Workload

It's been an incredibly busy and challenging few months in my household. With an 8 month old that just wants to go, go, go! To a side business in consulting work that has taken up the few spare hours I seem to have outside my other full time job in the financial industry. 
I'm not much for writing about my private life and I like to keep it that way but I have been noticeably absent over the last few months and emails and messages from all sorts of followers has made me feel like a more personable approach when writing this is needed.

To say it simply: life has become busy with a baby and a business!
I barely get enough time these days to scroll through Pinterest or comment on my favourite bloggers latest pictures. I even have to find the time to read some of my favourite blogs. 
I like busy, have always enjoyed the rush. But have noticed its taken me from something I used to and still do blog and photography work. 

I've realised that I need to step back and think about my work life balance just a little more and get back into writing more on my blog and pulling my old dusty camera out to snap a few pictures. 

I read a little while ago "The online space is currently full, and forever filling up with incredibly inspiring, talented and innovative men and women. And in the female market, I like to think some of us have brought a whole new meaning to the term “Girl Boss" Speak with honesty and conviction and not just the Bloglovin’ algorithm in mind"

and I love that, it ignites all types of inspiration when it comes to sitting down and taking the time to write out reviews on things we love and enjoy.

So I've scheduled in my time each week to take my photo's and bring back all the things you've all mentioned you've loved on previously. I encourage you to give me some feedback, send an email or message on Instagram!