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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Cult Products

Cult Classics: I'm definitely all for trying new products, but occasionally you find two items that change the way you utilise skincare and they become the norm in your everyday routine.
We all know those 'mum dark circles' that begin to appear once our babies start to get to the teething know the one where you basically don't sleep as you're spending a large chunk of your days and nights looking after a very sooky little babe.
Mays' is at that point, I religiously now use my Jurlique eye brightening cream and it does me wonders. I'm prone to some of the worst and by far the ugliest under eye bags these days. A little bit of this in the morning and before bed after I've washed and cleansed my face will do wonders. Being an avid lover of Jurlique products for many years it wasn't too hard to recommend this one.

My second cult product that has blown the competition out of the water is Clinque's Moisture Surge range. It's oh so good.
Especially for the girls that once it hits winter and we are sitting in those 10 degree days with gusts of wind that's drying out every inch our skin (tell me I'm not the only one out there), this is my lifesaver. Every night on the dot, I wash then cleanse and then lather my face up with this little jar of miracles. Tiniest bit goes so far and it will last you an absolute lifetime (well maybe not that long but lets say a good 6 months.....

Shop these and a few more I've added into my routine below