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Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Over the past few months Mike and I started mulling over the idea that we're just about ready to buy another house. Something we could renovate to what we want it to be. He knows my love of interior sometimes keeps me up late at night scrolling through pinterest and instagram feeds.

Our current place is extremely modern, its a newbie on a small block of town houses built on the peninsula. I love it, but we moved in without knowing that Mays was pretty much growing already and was about to surprise us with his presence soon enough (thanks Mays').
The town house was built for working couples/or singles! People that aren't necessarily home all the time and most definitely not a place for babies - think big modern cement brick with a huge outdoor entertaining balcony with sections on the rails big enough for a baby to squeeze through if determined enough.

In saying that, I've come to find we're missing one thing that I never had to think about before when I lived in my apartment and was a carefree work-a-holic......a garden that's more or less a big patch of green grass I'd be able to stretch out on and let Mays' play with his trucks.
So as an alternative I brought the greenery inside, it's not quite perfect but it works.
Something super simple and achievable to grow with very little maintenance and Mays' has just started being aware of what these floating green things with leaves are. Traditionally now we he follows me around and watches me dust and clean the leaves of the fiddle leaf fig and water the silver falls. 

For my Melbourne gals' I suggest waking early on a Saturday and popping into Greener House to grab yourself a bit of new plant life, whilst at it Nordik Living is next door in Collingwood (worth taking a peak at the concrete dining tables and coffee tables).

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