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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Travel: Daylesford

It was one of the instantaneous moments when Mike made the timely decision that this years birthday celebration would be held away from home with 'mum and dad' enjoying some down time doing the things we loved before our little mischief maker joined our crew.

Sunday morning was spent packing for a two night stay, all I was told for my itinerary was bring warm clothes.  Sorted, folded and packed and into the car we went.
Once we hit the outskirts of the city I got excited, I love but hate secrets and not knowing exactly our destination had me intrigued. Mike has a habit of creating our mini-adventures last minute and I love that part about him. He's far more adventurous then me in that aspect. 
Soon as we turned off the western freeway onto Ballin-Daylesford Rd I knew exactly where we were headed. 

First stop was the Mill Markets, if like me you're a lover of old antiques, dusty floors and aged crockery then this place is one you need to add to your list. Give yourself atleast an hour or more to go through this place, there's a lot to see in each section and foraging through the old clothes racks and battered shelves are what it's all about. If you find yourself by the large rack of vintage Levi's denim grab a little something as the prices are far too good to pass up. The oversized jackets from the 90s are amongst my favourite options hanging. 

After all the excitement of nosing around through old vinyls had subsided we headed off to the next destination. Down a dirt road and past a tiny wishing well and there were the signs: Cosy Tents Glamping.

You could see the bell tents nestled in their own sections with man-made walkways to each. 
We spent the rest of the day/night doing absolutely nothing but eating, chatting and laughing. It's nice to have that downtime without notifications flashing up on my computer or phone screen. Thats one of those essential things to keep me sane, I have to remind myself from time to time to take breaks and focus on myself, family and my private life. I enjoyed the (maybe few too many) wines and the old fire pit us and the other visitors sat at before the cold really hit the area.

The rest of the trip was equally wonderful, with car karaoke and me being so confused on how to cancel the GPS coordinates in the cars nav system so we got lost on our way home (typical me). But all in all it was a wonderful 'offline' weekend with so much laughter and yes, if you saw my IG story you'd have noticed an engagement in there so thank you for the beautiful messages. If you head out to Daylesford and book yourself a tent, remember to bring thermals and an extra blanket or two.

Next trip, I'm thinking more along the lines of San Fran, NY or even L.A - we'll have to wait and see!