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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Unique and Enticing

Unique and enticing pieces that showcase a contemporary feel.
A standard completely honed down by some of my favourite pieces from Murkani.

They are a brand you would have seen frequently on T&K as my love affair with boho chic jewellery continues.

The current pieces I am wearing show incredible detail that adds a little bit more to my minimalistic wardrobe. It's rare I go over the top with anything, I like investment pieces I can wear over and over and I try my best not to cater to the masses with every trend that's released. Quality over quantity I repeat on the daily which is probably why my Afterpay account is loving me right now as I am being more selective. I had the honour of meeting Kiralee last year at a tiny little coffee shop in Prahan. We chatted over hot coffee all about the brand and what it stands for. The uniqueness of every piece created and the ethical standards she holds with every part of the making of her jewellery. Her incredible life of travel in Vietnam and Bali with her family and what brought her into creating everything made and sold.

I love that jewellery has become art to most people, with statements being made at every corner when matching it with your favourite basics. My favourite from above has to be the Bezela Ear Cuff's, the hammered finish is beautifully done and can be worn two ways (think studs! great for those denim and tee days).

All selections available now from Murkani.

Beleza Ear Cuff, Beleza Bangle, Grace Long Disc Earrings