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Sunday, 27 August 2017


In my world things never stop. From looking after Mays' 24/7 and with the current effects of teething which for most know means zero sleep. To working full time in a corporate job that I love, then finding enough time to kick butt at the gym for atleast an hour a day (five days a week, that's my limit I've managed to continue with) to then also running a mix of PR, content creation and a blog....Relaxing is rare but I try my best to get atleast some in there during the week.

I read something so long ago now that really cemented that I have to try and limit things more and focus on family life. So much easier said then done right? I mean we all have these thoughts of calm but realistically that doesn't happen. As a fun fact the danish are well known around the world as some of the happiest people alive. Why? because they have mastered the art of calm or 'Hygge' as they call it. With this I started thinking about all the elements in my home that create that ambience of calm (cue having Mays' asleep of course and a clean home - or a quiet vacay to let's say Cancun).

Besides Cancun which let's face it contains a lot of planning, visa's and organising of hotel rooms etc I have the basic at my feet at home like a warm fresh coffee, books and the quiet sound of music.

But calm also and always involves scented candles. Give me vanilla, give me cinnamon and give me a mix of aromas that carefully and thoughtfully infuse different flavours and scent together to create the perfect aroma for each mood.

My current favourites: No. 27 Fragrance House, Circa Home, Peppermint Grove