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Thursday, 17 August 2017

IKEA x Hay

By now most of us would have managed to receive an iconic catalogue from Ikea showcasing the newly released items for 2017/18. I've been seeing it scattered all over my instagram feed with short videos, insta-stories and so many tags. I love it!

The biggest and most notable mention is the fact that two iconic brands have decided to collaborate and some of the pieces will be arriving in Australia (que my hand clap excitement and Mikes rolling of the eyes with him probably thinking about how I'm going to attempt to add yet another shelf or chair somewhere in our townhouse).

For anyone who is a lover of all things minimal, scandinavian and sometimes shabby chic you'd know exactly who 'Hay' is.
It's a brand who over time has brought the world some of the most beautiful, well made, minimal and classic products and furnishings. Myself owning a few select decor pieces in my home and you would have spotted them in photo's on instagram. 

This collaboration was teased last year with Ikea releasing quite a cheeky little video showing morphing products. Honestly though it was a perfect work of art but I also didn't quite make any sense of it. I remember watching it and thinking, wow they've gone too far on whatever it is they're designing. But I was keen to see the end result regardless if I loved or loathed it. 

October 17th is when (if interested) you'll need to line up if you hope to grab an item or two from this collection, I'm organising nanny to take care of babysitting duties so I can escape the mayhem of home and make an early trip for this. If you spot me in line, say hi and we can banter over who's buying what. 

For the mean time, add some of these to your wish list......

The creators of Hay Rolfe and Mette are a fabulous duo to read about, with their mutual love of simple well made furnishings they brought a new wave of selections to Australia and around the world that so many of us love. For me it's mixing some of their most elegant decor pieces with a little bit of unorganised mess.

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