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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Mid Year Wish List

We've hit august! The year is flying by and the end of financial year sales have basically finished, I am proud to say I did exceptionally well with my resistance and didn't find anything I needed to splurge on.
But my wish list wasn't far in the back of my mind. I keep notes on everything, although I try my best to maintain a very small list of wants vs needs its easy for me to get carried away especially in my line of work.

My current cravings I have are a mix of things from interior decor to new closet selections but nothing too complex or overly expensive.

First off is this Tobi Arm Chair from Temple and Webster, I spotted this instore quite some time ago and instantly fell in love. I've been on the hunt for a few mid-century inspired pieces for our home. I love the dark wood and fabric and would love to have atleast two of these in our lounge room. Can you imagine a chilled spring day reading a book and wrapped in a throw?
Continuing on with interior furniture is the Nomi Ash Bench from Country Road. All these new pieces released are driving my urge to add a few more simple items into our downstairs area. It's currently a blank canvas and has been since we moved in. It's more of a visitors zone which I never enter and needs some attention to make it more welcoming.

For the more casual lifestyle side of my wants is a Bang and Olufsen Speaker, I've wanted one of these for quite sometime. Mays' and I love our music and we'd spend hours outside dancing around to Louis Armstrong and Sam Cooke. Perfect for summer when having a few friends over for lunch and portable for those Spring picnics with family!

On the fashion front, a coat and a new bag is what I am keeping a close eye on.
This Raey Boulé cotton and mohair blend coat is current on sale and I am considering by-passing any attempts to not spend any money right now and finalise my shopping cart.

Last is the Chloé Nile Bracelet bag. Saw photo's of StreetSmith rocking this bag months ago and it instantly became my new bag crush.

With VOSN about to start I might have to just grab a few of the above whilst they go up for sale, so until then I'll hold off any unpredictable spending sprees.

So what's on your list?