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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Nourish and Restore

I know things can always get repetitve from us bloggers and social influencers but I've always tried to only post about the brands that I truly love and that resonate with my love of fresh, natural and well-tested by me.

So instead of a post like all my others that have me reviewing down to the finer details the products, I shall instead this time around tell you WHY you should, if willing change from using products with such harsh chemicals to something better catered to your skin.

Jurlique has always been a brand that wants to connect us back with nature and nurture our natural way of growing, our bodies feed off what you give it. You look after it and it will look after you for many years to come. It's old news that we've all been told daily for years yet our minds ignore the facts and many of us choose to cover our skin with so many chemicals without bothering to clean and let it refresh, breath and restore itself. It took me years to understand the importance of this and implement a solid regime day to day.

The whole story behind the Jurlique brand is very fascinating if you took the time to read up on them and delve more into how and what they represent.
Their farm where these beautiful products are naturally grown is in sunny hills of Adelaide and is definitely on my list of places to visit down the track to learn more about each step to create in a hands on approach.
In 2011 I tried my first Jurlique product after hearing that Maggie Gyllenhaal was such a huge fan of the brand and more specifically the Rosewater range, which surprisingly became my favourite from any release to date. Moving on to 2017 and I am still using all sorts of products from their various ranges with the purely white eye correcting cream being the one product I have now repurchased more then twice which doesn't happen often with bloggers.

There are so many competing brands on the market at the moment with conscientious bloggers pushing to remove any chemically enhanced products and convince their readers to go with a more natural product, a push that I am apart of and although I do still wear makeup daily if working in an office I still have to make sure at the end of the day I am using my own due diligence to  remove the coverings and boost my skin  in the best possible way.

In 2015 after thinking I was taking the best care of my skin I was given a reality check when I attended the Jurlique Spa in Doncaster for a treatment. Although I had the moisture part perfected, the cleaning was not done adequately and my pores were not happy with me.
The process was great however because I was able to really pinpoint in detail the areas that needed more attention and realistically focus on the right ways of taking care of my skin.

This is what I recommend to you, if like me you discovered that something needed to change in your routine to really nourish your skin then book in a treatment and let the girls go into detail on what your routine should be and how to achieve the results you've always wanted. I truly and honestly love this brand and will stand by the products I have continuously used and recommended on TK over the years. So give it a go and take that first step, your skin will thank you for it.

Featured products currently being used by me from the Herbal Recovery Range:  Day Cream, Serum, Eye Serum