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Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Lately it's been such a hassle having to organise the closet - which means donating some of the older unloved things and work towards migrating the winter sweaters to the top of the cupboard and reviving all those fab pieces for the warmer climate that's about to hit our side of the world. 

The velvet trend has been huge this year and I love it! In fact it's been one of my favourites since seeing all those Gucci fabric bags take stage dead centre of my Instagram feed. Enjoying some of the crazy and fanatical trends are whats so exciting about following and loving fashion.
My top trends of this year included all the typical fads - frayed denim, basic sweaters + tees, messy hair buns, pastel textures and velvety furnishings and clothing.

I wanted to add a few of these fabrics and fads to my daily wears and I managed to grab two off the shoulder combinations with one being a two-way shirt from Tobi. I used to watch my mother wear her 'off shoulder' pieces frequently in summer with oversized colourful skirts that would remind of me of the gypsy's - think Esmeralda from Notre Darm type look - and those oversized skirts have followed me and my current closet to where I am now. Isn't it funny how the trends come in and out so quickly and although slightly changed we are still going crazy for some of the same items worn by our grandparents and their parents before them.
The cotton shirts were a no brainer for me, soft, light and airy and are incredibly versatile in how they can be worn with denim cutoffs. These type of basics are such everyday heroes as you can pop them on quickly and go and we all know how I love that easy and casual 'mum vibed' product that is easy enough to manage with a baby/about to be toddler.

Next was another fav! Combining cool dark velvet materials into slip on mules with an aesthetically pleasing bow top. I've basically gone ahead and grabbed a product that combined most of the 2017 trends that I mentioned above but you can tell why I have fallen for them.
An easy wearing combo to go with one of my selected shirts and my frayed blue jeans.
With the combination of all three in hanging up and ready to wear I'll now begin the hunt for new denim and another pair of white sneakers.

Wearing:  Tiffanie Mules , Hayden Two-Way Blouse , Ashlee Dress Shirt