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Monday, 30 October 2017

Go Green

Everyone knows my love for a good potted plant.
They're refreshing and one single little plant in your home can make you feel so different and affect your mood instantly. We live in this huge concrete jungle that takes over so much of our lives that we sometimes forget that outside greenery and how beneficial it is to our wellbeing. It's scientifically proven that having it in your home or workplace can help your mind and body.
I've previously chatted to about some of my favourite places for shopping for greenery (here) and now that a few months have past I thought I'd add in the full list of places in my home town of Melbourne for your perusal.

Scicluna's Mentone - Take a little walk to the back of the store and through the cold zone and you'll spot their little garden of greenery for sale. Great for smaller pickings like vegetable plants and small potted ivy's. 

Glass Haus Nursery - This place will fill your imagination with all sorts of amazing things. Walk through the doors to a place thats filled from top to bottom with every type of plant you can think of. For the coffee lovers, you could even grab yourself a latte mid-plant search in their in-house cafe.

Greener House - I bought my second ever fiddle leaf fig from these guys and it's been one of my favourite pieces in my home. Once I got my hands on the mixed concrete planter pot from Salt and Pepper Home I was one happy girl. They are currently holding big plant sales in Melbourne so it's a must if you can make it. 

Ivy Muse - One of my favourite little shops to stop into if I am ever in Armadale. They have a beautiful selection of plants, hardcover books and pots. 

Camberwell Market - Not just for those amazing vintage clothing shopping trips but also you'd be able to grab a bargain (if lucky) 

Bay Road Nursery - This is one of my all time favourites to take a look at in Spring. With their little restaurant dead centre of the gardens its quite a serene and beautiful spot. The actual gardens/green house itself its huge and great for a day out with the kids and your pup - dogs of course its a favourite of mine!

Gills Nursery - Another great place on Bay Road that has an abundance of succulents and larger plants for your perusal. 

Paps Vertical Nursery - Check out the nursery in this one and have them chat to you about their upcoming projects. An interesting little place to really make your imagination pop.

Garden of Eden - In one of my favourite little neighbourhoods. Albert Park not only has my dream house but my dream nursery. 

Acorn Nursery - If you love the greenery listed above but would also like some potted flower plants than this should be your first place to visit. Its huge though so take a pair of comfy sneakers and take your time to wander around all look at all the nature they grow.

Poytons Nursery - The best place for your christmas table arrangements. This place will have you covered. 

The Jungle Collective - These guys have huge plant sales about once a month with their next being November will also include an icecream truck! So make sure to add it to your list.