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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Goldie + Ace

Let me introduce to everyone my new second in charge, master and commander and editor and chief of Twice TK. Mays' himself and this post is solely done by him (joke! but he is my model for all intensive purposes). But today we're showcasing a beautiful brand with an equally beautiful story behind it.

Fashion retail buyer Alana Tiller and fashion designer Chris Kontos are the duo behind the new brand Goldie + Ace bringing into the market some serious competition for whimsical and fun children's wear. Both being in the business of fashion and interior for so long now that both have the flair for choosing beautiful fabrics to create more then just your average clothes that will stand the test of time without pilling or wearing down too quickly.
The quality took on a big part of what they wanted for each and every item with an eye for making sure each piece is pure perfection.

The fabrics being so gentle on the skin and we know that for our babies we are so much more careful with anything that comes into contact with them. The illustrations are quirky and cute and everything that a little imaginative boy/girl should be wearing.

So this past weekend we explored a few plant shops and Mays' enjoyed time wearing running amok in the pieces of clothing, being messy and well being a very happy little kid!