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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Interior: Safe Living

Babies are habitual little things. I've said it over and over in my head (Mays' won't do that, when I say don't touch he'll definitely listen to me) - a joke that I mull and giggle over as I instruct him not to touch but he does so with a cheeky grin - babies, they can't help it but you love them for it anyway.

Previously we started looking at having large oak custom made cabinetry and tv unit for our living room created but have decided to keep that idea for later on. With Mays' moving into the stage of curiosity and walking - yeah I am so scared for that! - we have come to realise that a lot of our furniture is not baby safe and that a few upgrades need to be made.
We mulled over so many catalogues and online websites but couldn't quite find something we could both agree on that would fit well with our current furnishings and also take up the large empty space we had allocated for this section of the room. Until a last minute look on Pinterest brought us to a familiar place....Ikea!

We ended up going with this piece purely for the fact it was in budget and actually less than what we had in mind, simple, lots of storage and 100% baby friendly and I am not too worried about it wearing out or being covered in crayon and pen marks in the future when he enjoys his craft days at home with nanny.  

We are on the way to baby proofing everything. As hard as its so far been keeping Mays' from touching things we are learning to accept and love his curious little mind everyday that passes.