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Monday, 16 October 2017

Compact Versatility

It's been forever since I showed what I stash in my everyday bag. I'm a small bag type of gal, although I do have my 'mum' bags to carry when I am on duty but I am always on the run during my 9 to 5 so something small, compact but beautiful is my go to.  Keep it versatile but pretty and I am one happy girl!

iPhone 8 Plus - my new baby, loving it so far and the photo quality is pretty amazing

Oscar Wylee  - Mike thinks I look like a teacher when I wear them and I love that! Anything to make me look 100 times smarter than I am is definitely ok with me. P.s don't forget OW just opened their new store at Chadstone!

Mecca Handcream - Dry skin is my killer as we move into Summer, this little baby is my lifesaver

Stila Lippy - Turns matte, works for both night and day and makes me look like I am on the Kylie Jenner side of the fence..what more can I say! The Caramello colour has been my go to for years. 

Chanel Cardholder - doesn't leave my side, first mothers day present and I adore it

Grown Alchemist Lipbalm - super seal in the moisture with this little miracle in a tube

Perfume sample - lets be honest, a few weeks ago I mentioned on my IG that I didn't want to waste the huge amount of sample perfumes I have stored. Loved everyones suggestions (you guys rock by the way). Currently I have a Dyptique thrown in there for use. 

Bag by Naked Vice