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Sunday, 12 November 2017

A plethora of food

We are all aware in my family that I love to host dinner parties or even the casual wine + simple foods on a grazing platter. I love decorating and making things look like there was more effort than there actually was when creating it. My local deli/health food store now knows me by name - for a store that has a large number of staff on the payroll you can think how many times I am there if they know me by name. They are one of the best though and I love the personal approach of walking in and being able to greet people like I have known them forever.

Over the years I have worked alongside Salt and Pepper Homewares on many things and I've used some of their products to style work for my clients and their own content.
Decor-wise they're one of the best, you've seen the posts featuring anything from cups and saucers to large concrete pots holding my plants. Even at times the products that are for the kitchen I utilise in different ways e.g. condiment bowls holding my jewellery etc.

Today was a little different, this time they asked me to look at the new Spring/Summer releases for 2017 and select what I thought would suit some upcoming projects.
And well here we are, its hit Spring and its just shy of the Summer heat rolling in with the changing of months and its the time where I am mostly outside and cooking up large quantities of food to feed many mouths in my home.

This post is my basic how to: Create your perfect grazing platter according to Tarlie

I love to mix it up each time but creating the perfect combo of sweet x savoury on a platter is a favourite of mine. Some may think its a little weird as these days most platters are made up of only savoury but I am telling you now. Mix it up and have a little fun with it.
After a few glasses of vino you'll sometimes find yourself wanting a different flavour with a little sweetness to roll off your tongue.

I love adding in fruits. Mixing these flavours with a good red wine and a sharp cheddar is pure bliss.
Blueberries, figs, red grapes, slices of apple or pear work a treat.
Next the cheese. Who doesn't love a good cheese. Cheddar, gouda, brie (try it baked) goats cheese or even (dear I say it but I LOVE) blue cheese. Everything and anything works on a platter in my eyes.

Fresh veggies are another addition that I believe a platter cannot be without, I prefer carrot and cucumber but anything sturdy and eatable uncooked will work. Try adding in a few various dips to the bunch. I love the brand Yumi's which is available from almost any supermarket and have a huge selection to choose from.

Now comes the savoury x sweet part. The crackers first.  Love the basic round but also the bread stick style  are a popular pick on tables these days. Try searching for the rosemary and sea salt combo's.
The I need to say more? An odd addition I know but try putting some Cobs 'sweet n salty' popcorn on your platter and thank me later. The multitudes of flavours this brings is phenomenal and very memorable.

Test it out. I know my combination sounds a tad weird but its so worth it in the end.
Until the next foodie post. Enjoy!

Products featured: Nomad Collection, Chelsea Wire Basket, Madeira Paddle Board, Host Teaspoon, Fromage Cheese Knife Set